Sustainable Environmental Treatment and Reuse of Marine Sediment

Documents to download

Presentation Seminar in Brighton on September, 30th 2010

The dredging issue in the Channel

Port and maritime economy importance for the Channel area economic development - Presentation by Paul Tourret - ISEMAR

What are the environmental risks linked to the sediment managment - European and French context? - Presentation by Howard Holt - SEEPORTS 

Presentation of the SETARMS project 

Presentation of the project - Presentation by Nathalie Dumay - APLM 

Workpackage 1 : Overview of the dredging operations in the Channel area - Presentation by Nathalie Dumay - APLM 

Workpackage  2 : Sediments characterization - Presentation by Laurence Hopkinson et Kevin Stone - UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON 

Workpackage 3 : Re use of the sediments - Presentation by Mohamed Boutouil - ESITC CAEN 

Round Table :

The managment of the dredged sediments disposable at sea and the managment of the environmental impact - Presentation by Chris Vivian - CEFAS 

The managment of the non disposable at sea sediments  - Presentation by Antoine LAMACHE - EUROVIA 

Public acceptance of the dredging operations in the Channel - Presentation by Xavier Rasseneur - CONSEIL GENERAL FINISTERE